Case Study - Impactful Real Estate Investment

ReTok allows people to invest in Real Estate and help a whole generation to become homeowners.

Our work

When it launched in August 2021, ReTok needed to put in place the entire IT structure needed to validate their idea.

Their idea was to create a residential real estate investment fund, enabling its users to buy shares in the fund, and receive each month the share of income generated by the fund's properties to which they were entitled.

To achieve this, we created a token on the Avalanche blockchain, as well as smarts contracts enabling the distribution of income to users each month.

We also set up their website with a private space enabling their users to track the progress of their investment, and linked this account to their Metamask wallet so that they could collect their income.

If you want to learn more about ReTok, feel free to visit their website.


  • PoC
  • Website (Next.js)
  • SaaS ERP (Ruby On Rails)
  • Smart contracts

MaxentConsulting did an amazing job building out our website and the smart contracts allowing our investors to get automatically paid every month.

Jérôme Dumarty
CEO of ReTok

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