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Case studies


Database optimization

Booking and billing system for small businesses

agenda.ch is a Swiss online booking platform for small businesses in the service industry.

We radically optimized the most ressource intensive parts of their backend, dramatically reducing their hosting cost.

The database experts at MaxentConsulting managed to reduce our backend resources consumption way beyond what we expected.

Wouter van der Lelij, CEO of agenda.ch


PoC, UX Design

Impactful Real Estate Investment

ReTok allows people to invest in Real Estate and help a whole generation to become homeowners.

We developed their website, created their token on the Avalanche blockchain and developed the smarts contracts enabling monthly income to be distributed.

MaxentConsulting did an amazing job building out our IT infrastructure, wich allowed us to get our first users really fast.

Jérôme Dumarty, CEO of ReTok



Skiset, leader in online ski rental

Founded in 1994 by former ski champions, Skiset nowadays covers a huge network of ski resorts in France, Switzerland, Austria, Andorra, Italy and Spain.

We developed a proof of concept for a fully distributed, resilient point of sale solution to handle the complexity of ski rental shops.

Working with MaxentConsulting, we felt more like a partner than a customer. They managed to produce the PoC we needed to convince the board of the project relevance.

Denis Marinho, CFO of Skiset

Wintr Travel

Poc, UX Design

Wintr Travel, ski rental and delivery

Wintr Travel was a company whose ambition was to modernize the ski rental industry and to deliver rental skis to their customers residences.

We developed their website with the aim of making the UX as pleasant as possible.

One of our objectives was to provide our customers with an impeccable UX, which MaxentConsulting has done perfectly.

Adrien Naeem, CEO of Wintr

We approached MaxentConsulting because we loved their past work. They delivered something remarkably similar in record time.

Denis Marinho

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