Case Study - Booking and billing system for small businesses is a Swiss online booking platform for small businesses in the service industry.


When management asked for our help, they were in a pretty common situation. A succession of unmanaged developers had created a lot of technical debt in the company's product stack. Their monthly cloud hosting bill was out of control, despite still offering poor reactivity to the end users.

If they were to survive and thrive, they needed to solve this bottleneck fast.

The software development companies that they contacted all offered them to rewrite the whole product, which was an inacceptable expense for a small startup that had just reached MVP.

What we did

We applied our unique recipe that perfectly matches this kind of situation. Instead of a brute approach, we offered a focused, well scoped audit of their whole stack. As we expected from experience, we found half a dozen requests that caused the bulk of the ressource hog.

We moved the matching business logic from the ruby backend directly into Postgres. From an average of 3 seconds, all impacted requests got down to around 50ms.

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Postgres
  • Technical debt
  • Cloud

The database experts at MaxentConsulting managed to reduce our backend resources consumption way beyond what we expected.

Wouter van der Lelij
CEO of
Initial latency
Final latency
Hosting cost

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