Crafting Apps for Impact: Scalability, UX, Performance Aligned.

We provide R&D services to European SMEs seeking to replace outdated high maintenance and low performance web applications with state of the art ones.

Services - We help you build, improve or migrate your IT system.

Our interventions allows you to punch through barriers to entry by giving you an edge in term of cost/performance ratio, helping you become major actor in your industry.

  • Proof of Concept development. We deliver PoC application that is ready to scale by design, highly performant and focused on the user experience.
  • Database usage audit. We can prevent the need to rewrite a webapp that didn't scale by targeting specific queries that required advanced SQL development to make them scalable.
  • Evaluation of the relevance of a given technology to an existing IT system. We know how difficult and costly it is to maintain an outdated application or an app using the wrong technology so we help you migrate to a modern solution with no pain.
  • Enhance User Experience. We understand how frustrating a slow or unintuitive application can be for the user, which is why we constantly focus on its satisfaction.

The MaxentConsulting team exceeded our expectations, enabling us to achieve our goals much more quickly than expected.


Our technology savviness at your service

Infusing our technological expertise, we stand ready to elevate your experience with innovative solutions tailored to your needs.


Case study | ReTok

Impactful Real Estate Investment

ReTok allows people to invest in Real Estate and help a whole generation to become homeowners.

Case study |

Booking and billing system for small businesses is a Swiss online booking platform for small businesses in the service industry.


Case study | Skiset

Skiset, leader in online ski rental

Founded in 1994 by former ski champions, Skiset nowadays covers a huge network of ski resorts in France, Switzerland, Austria, Andorra, Italy and Spain.

Meet Proluceo, our open source web ERP

Having worked with a number of startups and SMEs, we realized that the web ERPs available on the market were outdated, counter-intuitive, and offered too many features for small businesses.

That's why we're currently developing our own web ERP, whose code is open-source and can be found on Github.

Proluceo app screenshot

Team - Access to our network of IT experts

We work exclusively with the best IT professionals in our network which are dedicated to delivering the best services and solutions that meet the highest standards.

We currently have 8 positions to fill so feel free to get in touch if you would like to work with us.

Just like you, our time is valuable.
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